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Teen and Infant Program - Successful Outcomes

Last year, the outcomes of our teen and infant programs were fantastic:

• 100% success with last year's outcome targets. None of our program participants became pregnant during or after participating in the Life Skills program.
• All of our teen mothers remained in school, in job training, or employed.
• All of our teen mothers maintained an average or above average GPA and four (4) of our teen mothers graduated and are currently in college or technical school
• One (1) of our teen mothers graduated from College with a degree in Nursing (1 of our teen fathers graduated from College with a degree in Radiology) and (1) of our teen mothers graduated from technical school
• Zero (0) of our teen mothers rely on Welfare
• All of our teen mothers maintain a positive self-image, demonstrate positive parenting behavior, positive view of self and responsible sexual behavior

Unexpected results: We have the participation of five (5) of the teen fathers. They actively attend Life Skills, participate in activities, and are involved in daily routines for their child. All the dads are attending College/Vocational training or working.

Behavioral changes and/or improved behavoir

• All teen parents actively participate in weekly Life Skills classes
• All teen parents attend weekly one-on-one counseling sessions
• All teen parents participate in monthly practicum classes

Successful, confident, growing kids and parents at our West Side programs

A Special Success Story

By far, this year, our greatest accomplishment and joy has been to see one of our teen mothers graduate Rutgers University with her degree in Nursing, pass her licensing exams and be selected for employment at Englewood Hospital. Her little girl, now 3 years old, has been with us since she was 6 ½ weeks old. The baby's dad, also an active participant in our program, graduated this year with his degree in Radiology and is now working at Englewood Hospital's Cardiac Lab.


Our West Side program has helped young parents and their children

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